“Opportunities for All”, launched in April 2010, is a RDÉE Ontario provincial program which is provides an awareness-raising and economic integration strategy specially designed to support SMEs in need of manpower, to recruit new talent, and to integrate skilled immigrants into the workplace.

“Opportunities for All” informs, trains, and prepares newcomers for the new realities of the Ontario Labour Market so they can adequately meet employers’ expectations. We also identify potential newcomer entrepreneurs; who will need support in developing a business plan in order to start their own business successfully. Everyone benefits from a three to six month professional coaching partnership. It’s a Win-Win-Win‘’Opportunities for All’’ Strategy.

The “Opportunities for All” team is committed to working closely with our SME clients, newcomers in search of new job opportunities, and newcomer entrepreneurs in order to:

Our professional approach allows us to achieve the best results, meeting our clients’ expectations, whether they are SMEs, individuals looking for work or entrepreneurs.