Our Services

Opportunities for All allows immigrants to develop entrepreneurial skills and works with them to complete their business plans.


  • Business coaching
  • Writing a business plan
  • Upgrading business experiences
  • Follow-up training in business leadership
  • Creating and maintaining a business network


Our approach is based on the participants’ exchanges and energy, as well as everyone’s creativity and respect for one another. Throughout our training sessions, our Economic Development Officers and our Business Experts share their knowledge and business skills.

Writing a business plan

Once you decide to become an entrepreneur, one of the most important steps is writing a proper business plan. Our Economic Development Officers and Business Experts will support you in collecting and sorting information in a synthetic way in order to showcase the project’s relevance. Your business plan will be used to look for funding, partners, providers, etc. for your project.

Business coaching: Career coaching and follow-up

Our Economic Development Officers provide our clients individual career coaching and follow-ups, during conception, start-up, and development of their businesses. Our coaching approach consists of pairing mentoring with networking; a specialized coach meets our clients to learn about their needs and share their expertise with them.