Services for Employers

Opportunities for All meets the needs of SMEs, organizations, and institutions in their recruitment, career coaching, workplace integration and retention of qualified immigrants.

Whichever position you need filled and whatever skill level is required, we will find the perfect candidate for you. Our expertise is based on trust, timeliness, and efficiency on the field.


  • Diversity management
  • Retention of qualified immigrants
  • Recruitment, assessment, and human resources management
  • Settlement, integration, orientation advice and referrals for your employees


Recruitment and Job Placements:

We care about the success of your business! Save time and money by working with us.

We only recommend qualified candidates to fill available positions within your workplace, as this guarantees that you will meet your growth objectives.

You will benefit from:

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Our process:

  1. Define your needs and profile requirements
  2. Review your job offers
  3. Meet with your organization’s recruitment officer, either by phone or in person.
  4. Screen and identify potential candidates in our database
  5. Preselect candidates
  6. Refer candidates for the interview process
  7. Coach the recruited candidate for the first 6 months of employment

Human Resources Solutions and Training:

Do you spend a lot of money to integrate your immigrant employees? Join our team and we will help you get the most out of your business talent. Our team of skilled certified, and bilingual trainers will work through the entire process with you.

Our 5-step process:

  1. Assess and analyze training needs and objectives
  2. Customize training tools according to your needs
  3. Implement the necessary training (schedule, customized training manuals, etc.)
  4. Support the integration of our recommendations
  5. Post-training assessment and continuous coaching (3 to 6 months)

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