15 Types Of Profile Pictures To Avoid On Linkedin

Let’s face it (pun intended) having a respectable profile picture on Linkedin is not just important but critical to ensure you’re communicating your best self to the world.

Let me preface that this article is not an attack on anyone specific and I myself have been called a wannabe Steve Jobs for my profile picture but more on that later. I debated whether to write about this topic but I recently noticed the myriad of pictures I was receiving from invites and realized there was more to this. If you don’t believe me, trust the many articles out there that discuss the importance of having a professional profile picture. Here is one of my favorite articles on the topic5 Tips for Picking the Right Linkedin Profile Picture.

Here are 15 profile picture styles you may want to avoid on Linkedin. I purposely covered there faces but I did not alter any of these images in any way.

  • “The Stock Photo Shot”
  • “The Wrong Size Shot”
  • “The I See You Shot”
  • “The Holiday Party Shot”
  • “The Testifying Shot”
  • “The Artsy Shuffle Shot”
  • “The Living Life Shot”
  • “The…I am going to make you an offer you can’t refuse shot”
  • “The Cheers Shot”
  • “The Shadow Shot”
  • “The Random I’m Online Ordering Food Shot”
  • “The I Am An Animal Shot”
  • “The Balance A Photo On A Shoe Shot?”
  • “The Beach Wedding Shot”
  • “I literally Gave Up Shot”


A few others that didn’t make the cut where the: Crazy Eyes, What Appears To Be No Shirt, The Actual No Shirt, The Back Of The Head Shot, The Sunglasses Shot, The Strange Quote and one of my personal favorites The Food Shot or The Car Shot. In short, there are many ways you can and should be dialing in your Linkedin game.

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