8 signs your job interview isn’t going very well

For many, the worst part of the job search is that awkward silence after you’ve had a job interview when all you can do is wait for the phone to ring. Have you ever thought that you absolutely nailed the interview and still not gotten the call? I know I have, and the disappointment can be crushing.

You wonder what it was that went wrong and if there was anything you could have done differently. It would take some of the suspense out of the waiting if you had some indication in advance of how good your chances were. Well, fortunately there are some telltale signs during a job interview that the employer just isn’t that into you.

Someone once shared the story with me about an interview they conducted where the potential employer wrote their name down at the top of the page before beginning to ask questions. About halfway through the interview, the employer proceeded to draw a line through the name. Ouch. Most indications that your interview isn’t going very well will be much more subtle than this.

Here are 8 signs your job interview isn’t going very well (and how you can turn it around):

  • The interview seems disinterested.
  • They don’t try to sell you on the company or job.
  • The interview is short and sweet.
  • Salary didn’t come up at all – or seems to be an issue.
  • The interviewer offers some friendly career advice.
  • You aren’t asked when you’re available to start.
  • The interview ends with no mention of next steps.
  • They don’t ask for references.


Possible remedies for a bad job interview:

  • Stay positive.
  • Be prepared to change tactics.
  • Ask questions.
  • Make the most of your thank you note.


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